Oregon Drum's Virtual to Reality™ System

We invite you to try our ground-breaking online system for designing & previewing a snare drum! This system was integrated into the online catalogs for 2002 Stave and Steambent Myrtlewood Series models in addition to the original V2R line of Free Floating shell drop-ins.

Due to a series of circumstances beyond our control, the Virtual to Reality Series has come to an end. We have left portions of the design systems in place for reference, but drums can no longer be purchased. Please see the News/Events section of our site for more information.

Design a drop-in, free floating stave shell
Design it!

V2R Series™ Free Floating Stave Shell Drop-Ins

Available in sizes designed to fit popular Free Floating snare drums, featuring a wide range of hardwoods. These shells were finished in a satin oil and utilized staves of a single wood in their construction. All badging was internal to maintain a sleek external appearance. Less than 1/2" thick, these shells are splined for added strength. This series highlights the acoustic properties of each wood in an elegant configuration ideal for numerous playing situations.
A Free Floating carrier is required to utilize these shells.

Design a Myrtlewood Series Steambent Snare
Design it!

Myrtlewood Series™ Steambent Snare Drums

Available in versatile 14" configurations, no more than 25 of these limited edition models were produced per year. The drums were finished in a satin oil and utilized steambent myrtle shells in their construction. Each drum included our exclusive VTHC lugs in 2 plating choices, Puresound wires and a premium quality strainer and butt. The completed drum was shipped in a Myrtlewood badged SKB case.
Limited to 25 drums per year, per model.

Design a Myrtlewood Series Stave Snare
Design it!

Myrtlewood Series™ Stave Snare Drums

Available in popular sizes, no more than 25 of these limited edition models were produced each year. The drums were finished in a satin oil and utilized shells constructed of Myrtle in combination with a selection of other Oregon hardwoods. Each drum included our exclusive VTHC lugs, Puresound wires and a premium quality strainer and butt. The completed drum was shipped in a Myrtlewood badged SKB case.
Limited to 25 drums per year, per model.

With more than 25 hardwoods from around the world featured within our interactive 'Virtual to Reality' systems, designing your dream drum is now easier than ever!

Alder Ash Birch Blackwood Bocote Bubinga Chakte Cherry Cocobolo Ebony

Imbuya Ipe Iroko Kingwood Koa Lacewood Mahogany Maple Mesquite Morado

Myrtle Oak Paduak PurpleHeart Rosewood Sapele Teak Tulipwood Walnut Zebrawood

You can see a basic mock-up of what the drum would look like, get an instant price quote and order the EXACT snare drum or free floating shell of your dreams! We've even expanded our design database to provide complete details about each wood species.

We've used a version of this system in-house to 'preview' various Myrtle combinations for current and upcoming models in our Myrtlewood Series. Now, we've made it available for YOU, our specialized drum clients! While the 'buzz' is swarming about our original V2R stave drum design system, we now offer versions for designing a wide range of Myrtlewood Series Stave & Steambent models as well.

Tutorial of stave drum terminology...

You begin the process by choosing the attributes of your 'dream drum' from the selections offered in drop-down lists. Various shell diameters and depths can be built using a combination of hardwoods. You will also select hardware plating options for the drum's lugs and hoops. In the case of free floating shells, you simply select the desired hardwood for your new shell and the model depth of your existing free floating snare drum. Since the shell itself has no external hardware or badging, it can be rotated within the drum to change the overall alignment of the grain and coloration of your shell within the drum carrier's hardware.

FF shell example...

Wood properties and characteristics are integrated into the system's database, allowing it to add the reinforcement rings recommended under certain combinations or conditions. Available woods and combinations exist in each version based on compatibility with assembly and finishing materials used for that series.

While no 'virtual' representation could do justice to the details found in nature's version of the wood, compare the 'virtual' combination of Walnut and Myrtle to the photo of an actual version of this same shell:

Image from 'Virtual to Reality' system (without hardware)
Image from 'Virtual to Reality' system
(without hardware)

Image of actual finished stave shell  (without hardware)
Image of actual finished stave shell
(without hardware)

Different pieces of the same wood can have wide variations in color and texture. Our system takes an 'average' piece of each finished wood for comparison purposes and alters the shade a small amount to simulate some of this variation. On a high quality monitor, the virtual version is often a more accurate representation than many digital photographs!

What are you waiting for? Design... Preview... Order... That's Virtual to Reality!

Once your order is placed, your specific hardwoods are acquired from sources that are active with the conservation of the world's resources. Our suppliers use certified forestry enterprises that practice wise use of our earth's hardwood treasures.

Image of virtual Ebony FF shellImage of actual installed Ebony FF shell

Your drum is built by hand, using the same finishing techniques and attention to detail refined in our Myrtlewood Series drums. A premium quality strainer and butt plate joins your chosen lug and hoop hardware, creating an extraordinary musical instrument. Even our trademark vented diffuser badge makes it's mark on your drum. This eliminates the need to disturb another panel for venting purposes.

Vented Badge Close-up - Oregon Drum Trademark

Once your drum is completed, it is inspected and carefully packaged. Rest assured that your drum is getting the royal treatment in transit as well, thanks to the padded, SKB hardshell case (a $100 value) that is included with your new drum at no extra charge.

Example Cases

SKB Case INCLUDED at no extra charge!